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Driving Instructor Training Course


There are many ways to train to become a driving instructor.


From our experience we find that our full training course is the most effective way as we develop all the skills you require throughout the whole training towards the end result with 100% success rate with the new Standards Check Qualifying Exams



The Full Course is Only £1,775



The course price includes all books, DVD's and manuals to pass the part one, plus all training on a one to one basis, in car, to ensure your success at part two and part three


You only pay the DVSA exam fees.  


Staged payments are also available as an option


All training is provided one to one all the way through your whole training to ensure you not only easily pass the 3 qualifying exams but also to train and guide you as to how to be confident in your new job and how to be successful in your new work


There is an option to pay for some part one training sessions at £120 for 6 hours


A free one hour introductory session to allow you to ask any questions plus assess your individual training requirements for those wishing to train to become a driving instructor is available - just contact us today



To learn more about our highly successful and well established driving school search Google for MJ Driving School Leeds 



ADI PART 3 Rescue Training


We also provide training for ADI Part 2 Exam and ADI Part 3 Exam.



Whether you are training within a full course or some additional training you will be assured the best quality and our results are superb.



Training is designed and over looked by one of the UK's leading driving instructor trainers and very experienced Top Grade 6 DSA ADI (4 times in succession) and a Top Grade 'A' DVSA with Top Marks on New Standards Check plus the Diploma in Driving Instruction along with many other qualifications




ADI Part 2 and ADI Part 3 Training fees


£35 per hour in one of our vehicles




We also provide ADI Check Test / Standards Check Training.



Many instructors hugely benefit from a few hours guidance and training prior to a check test to assist in gaining a better grade. Many instructors who have failed a check test have received training from us and subsequently gained a successful and check test pass and good grading.


I achieved a straight line of Grade 6's in 4 Consecutive Check Tests and recently top marks in the new Standards Check with Grade A


Standards Check / Check Test Training fees


£35 per hour