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Become A Driving Instructor 



Once you have gained the professional qualification as a driving instructor (DVSA ADI) the career offers you flexibilty of working hours and days, financial and working independence, as well as providing you with a great deal of job satisfaction and reward. You will get to meet many new people and help them achieve a valuable lifetime skill.


As a driving instructor, you will always be in demand. There is consistantly new 17 year olds wishing to learn and will require your professional guidance.


The average learner driver nowadays require many more hours of training and development to reach the higher standards required to pass the modern driving tests. 




 Due to the nature and flexibilty of the job a driving instructor can choose whether to work on a full time basis or more of a part time basis.



Get The Best Training


The most important consideration for a new driving instructor is to ensure they receive the correct training in order to become a very good instructor, to pass the 3 qualifying exams with ease and to be confident at their new job of training a new driver.


Please be careful of who who decide to train with. Do your research and be wary of the 'deals' you see with some of the companies that spend a lot on marketing and advertising to lure you in and then subsequently cut corners and add contracts to make more profit from you


We charge a very fair price for the quality of training you receive and our results demonstrate how good we are. We are in the business to train new driving instructors properly to ensure you are confident and effective in training new drivers and the learners also then benefit from your expert training skills


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Why Train With Us?


Having many years of experience in this industry it is clear that those that don't use the correct training techniques struggle with qualifying and also teaching on a daily basis


Our small team of highly experienced and qualified driving instructor trainers are dedicated to helping you initially become fully qualified and subsequently that you become confident in your work. Our trainers are born from 30 years top level instructor training from one of the UK's leading trainers using techniques that are hugely proven to assist in qualifying and becoming one of the best driver trainers


Our Principal Trainer, Michael J Stanhope has been a top level driving instructor for almost 30 years and has concentrated on training new driving instructors for over 20 years. He is seen as one of the leading trainers in the UK and has worked closely with the DVSA examiners over the years to ensure the training matches the requirements of the industry


Michael was one of the first ORDIT trainers to be registered in the UK. As well as being graded the top grade 6 several times in succession he is a top Grade A driving instructor with many other industry recognised qualifications such as Diploma in Driving Instruction, Diamond Advanced Driver and Institute of Advanced Motorist. He also has an honours degree in in Business Studies and is also a Certified NLP Practitioner which greatly assists in training and learning techniques amongst other benefits


Once you have trained you have the option to work with our driving school, MJ Driving School in Leeds as a franchised instructor and we are renowned for having one of the best franchise opportunities in the industry. Feel free to contact us to discuss our fanchise options.


If you have done your training with us you will be offered the option of working with us on a Trainee Licence prior to full qualification if that option best suits your needs.




If you are looking to become a driving instructor then look

no further!


We have well over 20 years successful driving instructor training and have always maintained an excellent track record with a qualification rate of well over 90%.


Since the introduction of the Standards Check for qualifying and also for Standards Checks of qualified instructors our training has a 100% qualification success rate!


We have a full range of training and training courses to assist you to become a fully qualified driving instructor and be successful too!


All instructor training is provided on a one to one basis from one of our small team of successful top quality highly trained driving instructor trainers to ensure your success!


All Our Driving Instructor Training is Tailored to DVSA Standards Check Requirements and incorporates Top Coaching Techniques and

Client Centred Learning in easy learning and training format






Expected Earnings and Income



The normal/average industry hourly rate for a driving lesson is around £21 to £27 per hour. 


Our own driving school currently charges £25 per hour


To learn more about our highly successful and well established driving school search Google for MJ Driving School Leeds



When calcualting an expected income remember to take in to consideration some travel time between your clients; so a typical 40 hour working week, could easily be 45 hours including travel time between learners.


Gross income for a 40 hour week = 40 x £24 = £960.00 per week, or £48,000 per year


Gross income for a 30 hour week = 30 x £24 = £720.00 per week, or £36,000 per year


Gross income for a 20 hour week = 20 x £24 = £480 per week, or £24,000 per year


The above figures are average gross incomes and please consider that there will be regular weekly expenses to deduct, for example car, fuel, advertising or a franchise with a school and 2 weeks holiday per year



A driving instructor has the flexibilty of working either totally independently or working on a franchised basis with an existing driving school. The vast majorty of driving instructors in the UK work on a self employed basis.


Anybody that we train will be offered a franchise at our driving school which is recognised as one of the best franchise deals around with no tie in contracts or unexpected expenses




Requirements To Become A Driving Instructor



A driving instructor needs to be an enthusiastic individual with excellent communication skills. You will need to be reasonably flexible with your working hours and be able to keep good time to pre arranged appointments. You will also be required to work in a professional and proper manner.


There are specific legal requirements that are necessary to initially becoming registered as a Driving Standards Agency Approved Driving Instructor (DVSA ADI):-


You will have held a full British car driving licence for at least three and a half years.

You will be at least 21 years of age.

You will not have been disqualified from driving within the past four years.

All criminal convictions, including motoring offences will be taken in to account when the Driving Standards Agency assess your suitability to be registered as an ADI

You must be able to read a car registration number plate from a distance of 90ft.

You must successfully pass the three DVSA qualifying examinations to fully qualify.



The three parts of the examination process for qualifying and registration as an ADI are:


Part One: A theory test - an hour and half multiple choice theory test and hazard perception awareness.

Part Two: A one hour practical test of your abilty to drive

Part Three: A one hour practical test of your ability to instruct.



Driving Instructor Training Courses are provided by top trainers from our own successful driving school - MJ Driving School


Driving Instructor Training Leeds - Train to Become A Driving Instructor - Driving Instructor Training Course - How to Become a Driving Instructor